Monday, January 18, 2010

Real Estate Protocol Submission

MLSN Protocol Client Server Model

This past weekend I submitted our online application for a new user registered port with IANA. Here is a simple client server model depicting requests and responses.

The protocol, Multiple Listing Service Network (MLSN), will involve online users and applications querying a real estate database of listings.

I'll post more diagrams and information regarding this protocol/port as we draw closer to our application being approved. :)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RealPM Model Use Case Diagram

RealPM Model Use Case v.01

This is a first pass at building a use case model for real estate project management. As you can see on the left side of the system, there are five actors: the project manager, salesperson, administrative assistant, buyer, and the seller. On the right side of the model are three external systems which interface with the model. They are Google Wave, SalesForce, and OpenProj.

The system's use cases are self-explanatory and may need refactoring. Again, this is a first pass. In addition, I'm sure more use cases will rear their heads so I expect the number of use cases to grow.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for this model is open for public comment.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Building The Perfect Reputational Beast, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, this modeled diagram represents components of a concept reputational application. As do most web applications, the system is comprised of three tiers: client, application, and the database layer.

RealRep Deployment/Component Diagram

The user of the system interfaces with a browser on a desktop computer or an application on a mobile device. The middle tier is comprised of JBoss Application Server and Apache's ServiceMix. I chose JBoss AS to allow for enterprise javabeans to be used along with all of the lovely enterprise features such as remoting, security, transaction management, presistence, messaging, resource pooling, concurrency control, and directory services.

I included a servicemix implementation component to jboss for deploying a webservice to external webservice clients. In addtion, servicemix allows for xmpp implementations along with messaging services over Java Messaging Service (JMS).

For authorization, an OpenID provider is accessed for warehousing usernames and passwords. Having users' credentials stored by an OpenID provider removes the potential possibility of a security breach regarding usernames and passwords.

Lastly, I selected PostgreSQL for the application's database layer. I have used PostgreSQL with many projects previously while the zero licensing cost to implement is most ideal.

To continue this development drill, I will next blog activity diagrams from using the potential use cases.


Global Real Estate Day in the works

As a non-profit organization, the gr8c's central purpose is to help the real estate community. One way to help is to create awareness for the global real estate community with a designated day called Global Real Estate Day.

As always, I am open to ideas so please feel free to post comments.

The day will be announced in the coming days.


Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Here's a list of my resolutions for 2010.

I resolve to:

  1. finish and publish my first book online, pdf, and ebook version.

  2. finish and submit the OpenMLS protocol specification to IANA.

  3. release Remetal 1.0 specification.

  4. release RealDF 1.0 specification

  5. release version 1.0 of the OpenMLS Registrar Handbook.

  6. develop and release beta version of OpenReal, a public real estate data portal.

I look forward to accomplishing these goals for 2010.

-- Corey