Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Survivor San Juan del Sur Winner Prediction

Keeping to my tradition of predicting a Survivor winner, I will attempt to offer evidence for who will win tonight's Sole Survivor title.

Throughout the last twelve weeks, the Survivor editors have been inconspicuously dropping visual hints that Natalie, one of the twinnies, will win this season. Early in the season, Natalie was shown finding the controversial lost flint which was an early plot point unbeknownst to most viewers and yours truly. Next, while sending everyone else at camp to collect water, Natalie took the initiative to find a hidden immunity idol buried by the campfire for someone to find eventually. Moreover, when confronted by this season's anti-hero, Jon, Natalie not only saved Jon by telling him to play his idol, but also beat him in a vase balancing challenge.

Adding to her winner's resume, Natalie then proceeded to deceive Jon and Jaclyn by saying she would vote out Keith, but instead voting out Alec which obviously frustrated Jon and Jaclyn after the vote. She then planned and implemented a plan to blindside Jon by splitting the votes and then easily voting out Jon from the revote. Enhancing her resume, many times Natalie's conversations were visually presented in subtitles to viewers which is used as an important moment by the editors for conveying not only what is happening, but also a pivotal moment in the game.

Finally, while at Exile Island, Natalie offers an emotional loneliness from not being with her twin sister for more than thirty days which pulls on the emotional strings of viewers. Script writers love to use this type of emotional mechanism against viewers for touching a broad range of emotions during a major motion picture, documentary, or other type of film production.

From the above evidence I provided, Natalie's winner montage will include all of the above moments I mentioned, if not more, when she is eventually crowned Season 29 Blood versus Water San Juan del Sur winner tonite as the Sole Survivor. This is my prediction.