Sunday, January 6, 2008

"MySpace for Dummies" Book Review

Yesterday, I paid a visit to my local library. I checked out 4 dvds and 10 books. One of the books was "MySpace for Dummies" by Ryan Hupfer, Mitch Maxson, and Ryan Williams.

Now, I just recently joined MySpace and have always had the curiosity to learn the history and intricacies of this social networking phenomenon. I was fascinated to learn that the original idea wasn't to connect everyone online, but a platform for musicians and bands to expose their music and concerts. In addiation, MySpace offers a special profile for filmmakers and comedians to market their talents to the online community.

The overall coverage was very good. Unfortunately, most of the screenshots are out of date now but that was expected. I could still easily find the targeted concept or area which the book was referring to though. I especially enjoyed chapter 13 " Marketing the MySpace Way" and learning about how corporate america was embracing this new platform. Some of the examples were Honda, Dell, and Wendy's.

In summary, even though you may have been using MySpace for awhile, MySpace for Dummies can still offer unknown nuggets and easter eggs for the professional or newbie MySpacer.