Monday, October 3, 2011

Building the World Wide MLS(tm)

Falling under the real estate science's discipline umbrella is the World Wide MLS(tm). What exactly is the World Wide MLS(tm) you ask? The World Wide Multiple Listing System (WWMLS) is a global registry listings application layered, nice and neatly, on top of the Internet.

Using reserved ports 32801 and 32811, WWMLS will allow public access to registry listings to users and accredited OpenMLS(R) registrars. Somewhat like the WHOIS protocol, the Multiple Listing Service Network Protocol binds to port 32801 using tcp and udp. Users or registrars request a listing's information by sending a message to an MLSN server which returns listing information or a "no match" response.

The other half of WWMLS involves the Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP). RETP distributes listings from registrar to registry to registrars. The messaging protocol uses reserved port 32811 and tcp only. In a later blog post, I will expound more on RETP, its workings and significance to the World Wide MLS(tm).