Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Building the Perfect Reputational Beast

One of the sore spots in the Real Estate Industry is a missing reputational model for evaluating professionals and their services. Since there isn't an open and neutral model which already exists, I started modelling a potential application. Below is a use-case diagram modelling potential actors, scenarios, and associations for an application:

A use-case diagram depicting actors, scenarios, and associations for a real estate reputational application.

As you can see, I've defined just three types of Actors: Professionals, References, and Guests. I've also defined two external entities, OpenID and a web service. The scenarios listed are a first pass and expect to refactor their associations while adding/removing some. I won't go into detail here regarding the scenarios, but if you would like to follow the wave and/or offer comments, please feel free to contact me on google wave. My gwave account is

My next step in this process is to create component, deployment, and behavioural diagrams. I'll post these also to my blog in the future.


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