Friday, December 21, 2007

Phishing Domain Renewal Letters

Today I received a letter in the mail which looks like an invoice, but read closely is a new service letter for a listing service by a company called Web Listings Inc.  To the geek novice, the invoice is professional looking and looks important.  But to those who read the small print, it's just another attempt to switch domain registrars or increase search engine optimization.

I've run into the these type of letters many o'times.  At my last place of employment, the executive assistant would receive these letters and then forward them to the accounting department to be paid without reading the small print, yikes!

Today's lesson is to be certain to read the fine print on domain renewal or SEO letters received via mail.  If you're uncertain what it is, have someone with technical experience verify that it's a credible service and billing source.

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  1. I too have received this letter...and there is no postmark on the envelope. If someone receives one of these, it would be great if you could scan and email the envelope to ...I'm checking into a few things. Thanks so much.