Monday, March 25, 2013

Real Estate Transport Protocol Abstract

For my next conference paper, I plan to submit the following abstract on one of the two internet protocols I invented not too long ago. Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP) is the messaging and provisioning protocol for an eventual global multiple listing service in the not so distant future. The diagram depicts the actors and message flows. Full explanation will be discussed in the conference paper.

Title: Real Estate Transport Protocol: The Internet’s Multiple Listing Service Messenger


Today’s multiple listing services (MLS) are antiquated, legacy systems due to tight coupling to their localized market and lack of interoperability. Moreover, these same MLSs are operated as controlled gateways eliminating public access, competition and global network distribution. This paper discusses a new internet protocol called Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP) that resolves these inefficiencies. Using reserved internet port 32811, RETP provides a fire-and-forget messaging protocol for sending and receiving listings over the Internet to geographically distributed MLSs known as registrars. RETP creates a hub-and-spoke network topology for provisioning listings from a centralized registry to authorized registrars securely. Three messaging scenarios are discussed for demonstrating RETP’s operations: registrant to registrar, registrant to registrar to registry, and then finally, registrant to registrar to registry to multiple registrars.

Keywords: multiple listing service, internet protocol, distributed computing, network theory

RETP v1.0


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