Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MNM Final Three

Unfortunately, I have not yet filled out my NCAA Final Four bracket out, but I did register for my final three courses for my Master in Nonprofit Management at the University of Central Florida. Technically, I really only have two more courses left to fulfill the thirty-six mandatory hours for graduation. However, I registered for an extra public administration course so that I will have a total of six public administration courses for the option of adjuncting government related courses if I so choose in the future. Most colleges and universities require at least eighteen hours of related post-secondary courses to instruct online or face-to-face.

Here are my final three courses:

Summer 2013:
PAD 6037 Public Organization Management

Fall 2013:
PAD 6035 Public Administration in the Policy Process

PAD 6053 Public Administration in Governance

Ironically, the degree is called a Master of Nonprofit Management, however I will have taken the same amount of course work hours, eighteen, in nonprofit and public administration within the program. The other, unrelated course taken was Cybercrime from the Digital Forensics program.


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