Friday, October 9, 2009

Foward thinking to Remetal 0.4

As I finish work on 0.3 of the Real Estate Meta Language, I can't help to look forward to release 0.4. The obvious element which needs a bit of attending to is the <location> element. So here's my thought for this.

For <location>, Remetal will reuse the <Location> compound element offered by Google's Keyhole Markup Language (KML). <Location> is the parent element to following elements as such:

[sourcecode language="xml"]

With this and a bit of xsl transformation, could this element inclusion lead to mapping apps reusing remetal listings? Hopefully is my first thought. I'll let the developers decide what to do and resist tainting. ;)

One of the main principles of the Internet is to "reuse" protocols which already exist, but in this case Remetal will simply reuse an element which already exists thanks to KML.

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