Friday, December 26, 2008

My online pledge beta version

Below is a working version of the online pledge I will be make beginning 2009.

Public comment is open so fire away. :)

Remeta President's RealPledge
I, Corey Leong, pledge:

to perform all of my duties and responsibilities as President in a professional, efficient, and timely manner,

to professionally represent the Remeta Association, its members, and the real estate industry during my tenure in office,

to abide by the association's rules, regulations, and policies at all times,

to build and foster trusting reputations for the association's members, citizens, community, and the real estate industry,

to build and provide an open platform for members and citizens to use and communicate,

to provide current and relevant education to the association's members and citizens on technology standards, specifications, and tools

and to remain neutral, fair, and consistent in all of my association and industry work.

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