Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MLSN URL's Reusability

MLSN URL Reusability

One of the major benefits of MLSN URL's is the ability to reuse assigned MLS Numbers. Using an simple scenario, I'll go in detail of how reusability works with MLSN URL's.

In the diagram above, Alice is an owner of an accredited OpenMLS registrar. Her service is located at

Bob the seller, needs to sell his house in Orlando, Florida. He registers it on Alice's MLS for 60 days and receives a unique MLSN URL, mlsn://1.1.1@3203.840.

Unfortunately, Bob's house does not sell within the 60 days and expires. When this happens, the assigned 1.1.1 or triple short number returns to Alice's block of MLS numbers to be reused again.

A new seller, Cristy, registers her house in Atlanta, Georgia on and receives her unique MLSN URL, mlsn://1.1.1@30329.840.

As you can see, 1.1.1 was used once with Bob's listing and then again with Cristy's. Each MLSN URL represents two completely different listings, which demonstrates reusability.

By the way, the number 840 in the MLSN URL's represents the iso country code for the United States.


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