Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Abstract for CyberCrime Course Paper

This semester I'm taking a graduate course in cybercrime, "CyberCrime and Criminal Justice". For my course paper I chose the topic of firewalls in the enterprise. Below is my paper's title and abstract:

Defending Against Cybercrime with Firewalls

From mission critical web applications to customer databases, businesses must ensure their information technology services are secure from potential hackers. Battling cybercrime is an ongoing war for all organizations these days. One approach to combating unauthorized network access is the use of firewalls.

This paper discusses the basics of firewalls, hardening of servers, and software specific firewalls such as iptables. In addition, I will discuss different network architectures scenarios involving public network services or DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ), private network services, and honeypots. Finally, I will cover tools for detecting possible intrusions and system log monitoring.


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