Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creating The Real Estate Science Logo

Real Estate Science

To capture the essence of Real Estate and Computer Science in a logo, an icon was needed to mesh or connect the two knowledge areas together. In doing so, the above two-dimensional icon within the re-sci logo is a graph which simply represents a connected world. Using graph theory, ten nodes or vertices are connected by lines or edges. The nodes are colored blue and green to represent water and land, respectively, while the addition of edges create universally accepted home icons within the logo's icon.

Custom blue and green colors were chosen for the textual lettering to match the nodes' coloring. The font face used was PakType Tehree with a medium style. Inkscape was used to create the re-sci logo, .

Purposefully, multiple home icons can be found within the 2d graph icon. Just like a multiple listing service, this type of design was used to represent a global mls or a world wide mls. In future versions, the icon graph may become three-dimensional and much larger in scale.

At first glance, you may notice only two home icons within the icon graph, but if you look closely there are many more. Please feel free to comment below on how many hidden home icons you see located within the new re-sci icon graph. :)

The Real Estate Science logo can now be found on ResearchGate.net and on Twitter @rescience.


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