Monday, May 7, 2012

Academic and Scientific Papers Website

This past weekend I worked on publishing my science paper presented at ARES on the Multiple Listing Service Network Protocol to a new site for my academic and scientific papers.

Following up the MLSN paper, I will next publish my nonprofit term paper on RDASE: The Anatomy of the Research Development Activity Service Engine. This paper's aim is to develop a workflow framework for the GR8C covering new research, publishing papers, and grant submissions.

Moving forward, I have started preliminary research on my next paper, Real Estate Science: The Rise of a New Scientific Field of Study. This paper will be submitted to the 2013 ARES conference which will be held in Kona, Hawaii (aka my hometown). In addition, I plan to submit a second paper to ARES either on Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP) or Real Estate Geographic Names System (REGNS).



  1. Does the next paper mean you will be GOING to Hawaii??

  2. Yes it does.