Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Real Estate Science Abstract

Last week, I submitted a three sentence proposal to present at the Real Estate Educators Association conference which will take place at Morehead University, Kentucky this upcoming August. The topic of my proposal is on Real Estate Science and why the industry needs a new scientific field of study.

Below is the full abstract for the upcoming paper entitled, "Real Estate Science: The Rise of a New Scientific Field of Study":

The Internet and World Wide Web have been immensely influential factors on the real estate industry. From sales brokerages to daily activities by salespeople, computers are involved in every facet of today's real estate businesses' projects and transactions. With millions of mobile and office devices connected to the Internet, the real estate industry has fully embraced and embedded technology within every layer of itself. Thus, one can say that technology has transformed the real estate industry from a one-dimensional industry centered solely around financial analysis into a mission critical, technology dependent industry overnight.

To better understand how the Internet and the World Wide Web have affected the Real Estate Industry, this paper proposes a new scientific field of study to help analyze, study, theorize and document relevant scientific discoveries so the real estate industry may continue to grow with necessary efficiency and technical relevancy. This paper discusses the needs and justifications for a new academic discipline called Real Estate Science (Re-Sci) which combines the theories and concepts from the Real Estate and Computer Science academic fields, respectively. It also investigates other industries which have already embraced Computer Science as an academic component by comparing and contrasting their industry characteristics and evolutions. In addition, current trends and potential use cases will be presented to demonstrate why Real Estate Science is necessary to define and continue to evolve into a beneficial academic research area for everyone involved in the real estate industry presently and into the future.

If accepted, I will also publish the paper on my papers website.


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