Thursday, July 26, 2012

Accredited OpenMLS Registrar Process

AOR Application Review Process

This past week, I finished one of my ucf graduate courses covering evaluation of nonprofit programs and activities. The textbook was called Evaluation: A Systematic Approach.

From my research and course work, I developed the above diagram which depicts the process for accrediting OpenMLS® Registrars in the near future. This is a beta version, however, it does encompass and satisfy evaluating requirements, documents, and supporting information for accrediting third-party organizations for becoming a fully, functional OpenMLS® connecting to the World Wide MLS (WWMLS) over the Internet.

I intend to publish the paper I submitted for this course on my papers website. The paper's title is GR8C Accredited: Developing an Accreditation Program for OpenMLS® Registrars.


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