Friday, July 27, 2012

Evaluation Paper Excecutive Summary

The following is the executive summary from my evaluation paper entitled:

GR8C Accredited: Developing an Accreditation Program for OpenMLS® Registrars

This proposal was researched and developed for the Global Real Estate And Technology Consortium (GR8C). It specifies an accreditation review program for accrediting Candidate Registrars (CR) along with a compliance review for future registrar compliance after the accreditation phase. In addition, the proposal addresses current issues concerning current Multiple Listing Services (MLS) by creating a certification framework called the Accredited OpenMLS® Registrar (AOR) Program which includes three areas of evaluation: management, financial and information technology. These three areas are comprised of evaluation questions researched from the literature review.

The implementation plan begins with assembling an AOR Review Team. Once the team is assembled and properly trained, an open application window phase is initiated and slated for June 1, 2013. Online applications are accepted and reviewed by the AOR Review Team until the close of the open application window phase which closes August 30, 2013. The AOR Review Team performs background checks, management reviews, financial status inquiries and technology experience credentials before rendering a decision of approval or rejection for accreditation status. The AOR Review Team will also conduct randomly selected compliance reviews of AORs for continuous compliance. With the AOR Program and Compliance Program fully operational, future AOR application windows will open to more candidate registrars globally for potential accreditation and ongoing compliance.

All dates are tentative.


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