Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Lost Predictions

Lost Senet Game

So tonite is the series finale of Lost. I've been a fan of the show since last year, thanks to Netflix.

It took me a few episodes to actually get into the show, but once I saw "The Hatch" episode I was hooked.

Let's cut to the chase and predict what's going to happen:

Jacob: as he said in "What They Died For", once the fire extinguishes then Jacob will cease to exist. I believe this because Jacob cannot lie according to Mother. Jacob will join the afterlife and will finally rest in peace.

Sawyer: I think Sawyer needs to somehow get MIB's knife to Jack. The knife is a very important piece in the game because it helped killed Mother, Dogan, and Jacob. After getting the knife, I think Sawyer will then died for this was his purpose.

Kate: I have a strange feeling Kate will take a Mother's role just like Mother from the "Across the Sea". Kate mothered Aaron when she was told not to and she was not his natural mother. If the pattern continues, ,my gut feeling is she will become the protector of the island in search and in waiting for a "good" child or children to take her position on the island.

Hurley: I know Hurley is a fan favorite, but I believe he has served his purpose. His purpose was to see dead Jacob and do as Jacob had told him. Since Jack has now taken Jacob's position as the protector of the Island, Hurley has served his purpose and will die tonite.

Claire: I believe Claire dies either during an epic fight between MIB and Jack or Ben just shoots her as he does to others so well.

Myles: I think Myles will die by sacrificing himself for his purpose. Myles is helping Ben so MIB may have a hand in terminated Myles.

Ben: I think Ben will have an epiphany and finally leave the island, a la the donkey wheel, and return to live in the real world. My feeling is Ben is tired of killing and manipulating people and just wants to rest and live a normal life.

UnLocke (MIB): After being killed by Jack, MIB's soul is released from the smoke monster and leaves to join Jacob in the afterlife to rest in peace for eternity.

Desmond: For Desmond, his purpose is go down into the cave of light. He is able to resist electromagnetic energy so Desmond must go down into the heart of the island to help Jack. It could be a simple switch or some type of secret password down there, but that's Desmond's purpose this evening.

Jack: My instincts tell me Jack must sacrifice himself for everyone. If he is like Neo from "The Matrix", Jack will sacrifice his life by killing the Man In Black with MIB's knife in the back to save everyone else.

Everyone Else: I'm predicting after Jack sacrifices himself that everybody else will come back to life and return to the real world as if nothing ever happened. I'm borrowing from Neo in Matrix Revolutions when Neo destroyed the Smith Virus and everything returned back to normal operations within the Matrix.

The Island: And finally, the island will continue to be protected by Kate with new players coming to the Island a la reloading the Matrix.

There are my predictions, I may be right or I may be wrong. Anyway I look at it, it's going to be a fun mental rollercoaster ride! Namaste.


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