Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Repatterns Book in Development

Repatterns: Applying Computer Science and Design Patterns to Real Estate

After some research, I've decided to include my previous book projects, "The Web is the MLS", and "Real Estate Is Global", into one single book with the tentative title and subtitle, "Repatterns: Applying Computer Science and Design Patterns to Real Estate." The reason for the two-in-one inclusions was because I felt the two previous book efforts were similar enough patterns extending the same pattern, Network Pattern, to be included into one full patterns book covering real estate and computer science together.

Here's a working abstract for the book:

Patterns are everywhere. We live in a world of visible and invisible patterns. From our birth, patterns exist to help us learn, to save time, and to be productive. This book will apply principles from computer science and well known design patterns to the business processes and procedures within the Real Estate industry. From these patterns, you will discover inefficient patterns, anti-patterns, along with learning how to think differently by replacing such anti-patterns with more efficient design patterns.

For the new book cover, I reused the "The Web Is The MLS" cover since the design was already very "patternistic" in nature. In addition, the textual change in inkscape was very easy to do.

Tentative Book Contents:

Table of Contents
Ch1 Introduction
Ch2 Factory Pattern
Ch3 Observer Pattern
Ch4 Mediator Pattern
Ch5 Request-Response Pattern
Ch6 Point-to-Point Pattern
Ch7 Facade Pattern
Ch8 Network Pattern
Ch9 Proxy Pattern
Ch10 Compound Patterns

I look forward to working on this project while at the same time using these patterns on my current projects. Lastly, I hope others will also learn to recognize anti-patterns and design patterns within real estate or their respective industry because of this work.


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