Monday, September 30, 2013

A Felina Thank You to Breaking Bad

Tonight marks the end of the cable show, Breaking Bad (BrBa). Since season three, I have been a hardcore fan of the show thanks to a colleague's recommendation and applied peer pressure to watch it. Excluding season 5b, I have probably watched every episode of BrBa at least eight to nine times each via Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. (Note: I detest regular tv due to the commercials so I refuse to subscribe to cable.)

Watching the show has been a wonderful journey for me, to say the least, but unfortunately every beginning has an end or in this case, felina. In a way, BrBa has been that invisible friend who has always been there for me for the last three years. Whenever I needed something to watch in the background and second screen or because the selection on Netflix's instant stream was lacking, BrBa was always there. Factoring in the ability to binge an entire season without viewing a single commercial, BrBa was again, always there for me providing a compelling and cerebral-like story.

Before BrBa, I was fascinated with the show Lost, especially because of my origination from Hawaii, the state where the show was filmed. However, BrBa has surpassed Lost for me for many reasons. First and foremost, the acting on BrBa has been outstanding which lead to strong believability in the characters, situations of the characters, and transitions from situation to situation. Second, one of the notable downfalls of the Star Wars prequals was the overuse of technology which complicated the overall stories. In contrast, BrBa implemented very little technology, but when they did, simplified the use with non-smartphones, minimal internet use, and user-friendly technology tools such as the gps tracker Hank used to track Gus and Walt. Simply speaking, BrBa did not let the technology overtake the story unlike other shows or films. Third, the story was masterfully woven with symbolism, foreshadowing, and misdirection. A perfect example was the way the writers would hide details of plot in plain site of the viewers, for instance, Hanks' cataloging of minerals, not rocks Marie.

In a couple of hours, the final BrBA act will be aired, but before this occurs I will, for the last time, attempt, the key word being attempt, to predict what will take place in the final act tonight. Here is my prediction.

I predict Jesse kills Todd because of overdue karma. Since Lydia lives in Houston, Walt could make a pit stop traveling from NH to ABQ and eliminate her. I think Skylar will be found guilty and goes to prison for a long time. Walt Jr. dies in a car accident which has been foreshadowed in previous episodes. After eliminating the Nazis with his AK47 and a bit of help from the Vamanos Pest boys, a final showdown or shootout between Jesse and Walt occurs with Jesse winning this time over Walt. After disposing of Walt's body, Jesse collects the $70 million and gives it all away to a charity, possibly a cancer research organization. He then locates Brock and relocates him for being his parental guardian, for showing his undying love for Andrea. Distraught by all of the events, Maria joins the police force for continuing the fight against the war on drugs and a tribute to Hank.

For a wishful, ending twist, Jesse's little brother from I believe season three, becomes a chemistry teacher at a school. One of his students is Holly, a slacker type girl, who introduces Jesse's younger brother to the world of drugs, specifically Methamphetamine aka meth. The BrBA cycle repeats, again, with a reverse in roles this time, Pinkham is the manipulating mentor and White is the lost soul. The equation is once again balanced: pink + white = blue.

A solid thanks goes out to Vince Gilligan and his writers, the actors, and behind the scenes folks for creating one of the greatest shows in the history of television, in my simplistic opinion.


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